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Lydia B's Pewter
Cat Catalog

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All items in hand casted and polished pewter
Item quality is higher then as seen in the picture. Click on the item to see the full sized picture. Pictures are not to scale.

Bow Tie Cat Pencil Holder

Three and three fourths inches by one and
a half inches, this is a charming addition
to any desk. Holds one pencil or pen.

Sitting Car Pencil Holder

Three and a half inches by two and three
fourths inches and two and a half inches
tall, this item can hold one pen or pencil.

Cat Carousel Thread Holder

A large cat on a
pedistal sits in the middle while six
small cats ride around the edges of the
carousel. Each small cat is resting upon
a thin rod that threads through the top
and bottom and holds the spools of thread
in place. The holder is five inches tall
and three and a half inches in diameter,
and sits on four ornate feet. There is a
limited quantity of these as only a few
were made.

Sitting Cats Thread Holder

One cat sits on a decorative base
slightly under three inches in
diameter, surrounded by six thread
holders, and with a thimble holder
for a hat. The holder stands on
four ornate legs.

Cat Six Thread Holder

This item is four inches tall and three
and a half inches in diameter, and rests
upon three ornate legs. A cat on a
pedestal surrounded by six thread holders.

Sitting Cat Thimble Holder

Nearly three inches in height and two and
a quarter inches in diamater, this item
can hold up to seven thimbles, with one
acting as a hat for the cat in the center.

Small Cat Thimble Holder

A small cat sits in the center of this
piece flanked by two thimble holders on
either side. The base is four inches
long and one inch wide.

Stalking Cat Toothpick Holder

Four and a quarter by two and a half inches
and one and a half inches tall, this item can
hold toothpicks, matches or even a few golf

Climbing Cats Toothpick Holder

Three and a half inches tall with a basket
that is two inches wide on the top and
almost two inches tall, this item can
hold over 10 pencils or pens, toothpicks,
matches and various other items.

Cat Pipe Holder

Three inches tall and three and a half
inches in diameter this item makes a
perfect gift for anyone who smokes a
pipe. No more worrying about wandering
ashes if you want to place you pipe down.
It also can be used to display treasured
pipes that are no longer used.

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Personal Check or Money Order only. No CODs or Credit cards.
NY State residents add 7 &3/4% sales tax.
Please make check out to Lydia Bellin.

5% discount for orders of $100 or more. Additional 5% discount for orders of one dozen or more single items.
Shipping is $5.00 for first item, plus $2.00 for each additional item.

Mail orders to:

    LYDIA B's
    P.O. Box 369-FI
    Marlboro, NY 12542

For more information, send an e-mail to

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